Draper on John Edwards

I reviewed Robert Draper’s new book, “Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush,” for The New York Sun. I was amazed that much of Draper’s original and exclusive reporting was relegated to an epilogue.

While I didn’t write about it, I thought it was interesting to learn what the Bush Team circa 2004 thought of John Edwards, who is once again running for the White House. “As a senator, Edwards wasn’t one for detailed briefings, or details of any kind. Colleagues who had seen great promise in him, like John McCain and Joe Biden gradually grew disillusioned. They observed that Edward’s incuriosity surpassed that of Bush — who at least read history books and never argued, as John Edwards had in the summer of 2002, that the best reason for invading Iraq was Saddam’s nuclear program … a program that, as it turned out, never existed,” Draper writes. Not exactly a glowing endorsement from a reporter whom Republicans are labelling a Democratic sympathizer.

My review of Draper isn’t entirely positive. Interestingly, I would note that he was one of a small handful of reporters who, along with me, witnessed Edwards on the campaign trail in New Hampshire in 2003.

One Response to “Draper on John Edwards”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Edwards fired Draper who was supposed to write his book Four Trials. Draper getting back at him, I would guess.

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