Craig: Romney Threw Me Under the Bus

It’s finally happened. A Republican senator has accused Romney of throwing him under the bus.

I’ve been fascinated with the entrance of the phrase “thrown under the bus” ever since 2003 when I began hearing it around City Hall and on sports radio all the time. Here’s what Larry Craig has to say about Mitt Romney: “He not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again.”

From a political perspective, Romney did exactly the right thing. Candidates have to distance themselves from scandal-clouded supporters. Unfortunately for Romney his quick distancing himself from Craig does reinforce the perception of the candidate that he is a bit too slick.

My analyis: Romney did the right thing. But the worst thing a candidate can have is a high profile former supporter badmouthing you on the Today Show.

One Response to “Craig: Romney Threw Me Under the Bus”

  1. Braden Says:

    I agree 100%. Romney did what any logical candidate would have done. Now, Sam Brownback may’ve have given him a second chance (I’m just speculating because that sounds like the kind of crazy things he would do). Good blog.

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