Obama’s Small Donor Advantage

If Barack Obama can survive the first four contests — and that’s a very big if at this point — his advantage with small dollar donors can put him in a position to be a real problem for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s campaign reported yesterday that she had greatly increased her small dollar events over the prior quarter, events such as the Club 44 fundraiser where the Goo Goo Dolls performed at Symphony Hall last week. Obama, nonetheless, still possesses the advantage in this area.

“f, however, Mr. Obama wins one of them or even far exceeds expectations (remember Bill Clinton, the self-proclaimed “Comeback Kid” didn’t win New Hampshire), small donors could be his life-line.

The Obama campaign attributes a considerable number of their 93,000 new donors to the Internet, the engine of small-dollar donation. The campaign says it has raised $74.9 million from 352,000 voters, which translates to roughly $212 a donation.The donor who started off with a $212 donation to Mr. Obama’s campaign could write nine more checks to his campaign.”

Read the rest here.

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