Giuliani: A Red Sox Fan?

NY Sun Illustration

I was at the Boston press conference where Rudy Giuliani announced his support for the Boston Red Sox. To me, Giuliani’s enough of a fan that he must actually have come up with the rationale on his own; that is, that he supports the American League team. He probably said that because he’s familiar with the Red Sox. I know, for instance, that back when the Yankees used to make it into the World Series, I was much more knowledgeable about their players than those of, say, the Arizona Diamondbacks. But that didn’t mean I “rooted” for them.

Personally, I don’t really support the old saw I root for the Red Sox and whoever is playing the Yankees. I root for the Red Sox, and when they’re done, which is not now thankfully, I watch the Patriots. Giuliani’s answer was so silly that it actually had to come out of his own head. The problem could have been corrected if the Giuliani people had had media staff on hand a little earlier in the day. While most reporters won’t provide full disclosure on what their interest is, my old press staff probably would have been able to discern that the t.v. people in Boston would be pretty interested in the World Series. Giuliani’s press people rolled in with him on the plane, which I think prevented them from anticipating adequately the public mood.

Giuliani also entered a subject that has been of great interest to me over the years, Romney’s contributions to the local Republican Party. No one living Republican is more responsible for the resurgence of the state GOP in the 1990s, who helped grow it along the lines of Ray Shamie than Joe Malone. Malone’s endorsement of Giuliani said a lot in that regard, particularly his decision to stand next to Paul Cellucci, whom he battled in 1998. Giuliiani then pushed things a bit too far when he boasted that he was replaced by a Republican.

My New York Sun news story gets into the reasons why.

2 Responses to “Giuliani: A Red Sox Fan?”

  1. noternie Says:

    Rudy’s not alone. Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Show is a season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium and has good natured ribbing with Red Sox fans all the time. Big time Yankee fan. He said that he is rooting for the Red Sox because he always roots for the American League team.

    So Rudy’s not alone. Just because Red Sox fans dislike the Yankees so much that they can’t imagine rooting for them (me included) doesn’t mean all Yankee fans feel the same way. We’ve always had some folks a bit more obsessed with them than the other way around, no?

    It may have sounded like pandering, but I thought it was an honest answer. I’m not a Guiliani fan by any stretch, but I don’t think this was a bad thing.

    The best thing I saw on vacation this summer was a small hidden dirt road in Dennis called Guiliani Rd. Right under the street sign was another sign that identified it as a “Dead End.” I never did get a picture of it, but I promise it exists.

  2. Willie Says:

    The Red Sox are a fun team to watch and their personalities are larger than life. So when my team (and Rudy’s) falls out of contention, we like to watch a team that we can enjoy…and the American League issue is useful too (unless the Mets were in it).

    Some years ago, even though I am (and was) a diehard Yankee fan, I admired and enjoyed the Red Sox of Yaz, Petrocelli, Tony C, Lonborg, etc.

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