Bloomberg at Harvard; New York Mayor Talks About Red Sox, Celtics and Braves!

I ran over to Harvard’s School of Public Health to write a story for The New York Sun. Michael Bloomberg was being honored with SPH’s highest award. After Bloomberg’s talk, which focused on his efforts against guns, transfats, smoking, Michael Dukakis gave me a quote. He said: “He’s an impressive guy,” Mr. Dukakis said after the speech. “He doesn’t sound like a Republican to me.”

Bloomberg also adressed the Red Sox. In his formal remarks, Bloomberg said “As for the Red Sox — I come with an official offer from the city of New York: We would now be willing to send Babe Ruth back to Boston — if it will help return the game to its natural order. Think about it.”

A native of Medford, he also addressed his status as a Boston sports fan. He recalled that he attended summer camp with the daughter of Warren Spahn, a legendary pitcher with the Boston Braves, currently playing in Atlanta, and said didn’t remember going to Fenway Park or Braves Field more than once or twice as a boy. His reference to the Braves actually buttressed his claim of lack of interest in local baseball because the fact that the Braves once played in Boston roughly two miles from Fenway Park is almost never talked about in public life. It really demonstrates how far Bloomberg is removed from Boston. Can you really imagine anybody around here talking about Warren Spahn and the Braves?

I’ve mentioned Braves Field, today BU’s Nickerson Field, to relative newcomers to Boston. Most didn’t even realize that the Braves ever played here. Sox fans born after 1967 have no knowledge about the Braves and think the Red Sox always drew big crowds.

He did admit to attending Boston Celtics games at the height of the Red Auerbach/Bill Russell championship era.

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