McClellan’s Folly

During his three years as press secretary, Scott McClellan was a convenient punching bag for White House critics. He deserved it.

As sympathetic as I am to the plight of the press secretary, McClellan gave the position an even worse name. He pushed when he should have pulled and zigged when he should have zagged.

Now comes the latest news that McClellan is coming out with a new book that attempts to give his side of things. I devote my column space in The New York Sun to what I think of it.    


One Response to “McClellan’s Folly”

  1. Green Says:

    The sight of the former officials of any administration publicly proclaiming their early disillusion with it and turning on it can make one billious. This is especially true of the Bush administration which has been loyal to its people to a fault and especially true of Scott McClellan who can’t say that he stayed on after becoming disillusioned because the work was intrinsically important. His only job was to make the administration look good.

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