Kerry Stands Up for Pats Fans

Patriot's logo

Senator Kerry entered the fray over the NFL Network’s broadcast of the December 29 game pitting The New England Patriots vs. The New York Giants. Under current rules only local fans who have access to WCVB and those few who subscribe to the NFL Network will be able to watch this potentially historic game at which the Pats could be the first team to ever finish the regular season with a perfect 16 – 0 record. This excludes all those Patriots fans who watch the team on other channels in Rhode Island, Vermont, etc.

Kerry wrote Roger Goodell, the NFL’s commissioner, asking to meet over the quandry. “Given the unique circumstances surrounding this game, we cannot allow proprietary interests to trump commercial interests and prevent an agreement from being reached in time to ensure the broadest possible level of viewership,” Kerry wrote. He also called the team’s “pursuit of a perfect season … an important financial boost for the NFL.”

Read it here.

Also, maybe I’ve got the Patriots on my mind, but doesn’t Kerry’s profile resemble the face in the team logo? Particularly the chin.

John Kerry

2 Responses to “Kerry Stands Up for Pats Fans”

  1. Bryna's other half Says:

    Maybe John Kerry is to the NFL as Jerry West is to the NBA….. who knew?

  2. Patriots v. Colts: Tom Curran’s Colossal Blunder « Dispatches from Seth Gitell Says:

    […] instincts in championing the right of those without the NFL Network to see the historic game, a fact noted by this blog. And hadn’t the NFL broken precedent, and presumably contract law, by simulcasting the game […]

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