McCain’s Surge in NH

Another Photo of Jim Cole

A relaxed Senator McCain, campaigning Barack Obama-style without a necktie, is offering New Hampshire voters a recipe that combines a morsel of the maverick, a bit of the bipartisan, a hint of the hawk, and a tablespoon of the tax-cutter.

 Mr. McCain added to his campaign today a call to eliminate the alternative minimum tax and to make the research and development tax credit permanent along with a ban on taxes on the Internet and cell phones.

Aiming to outdo Mitt Romney, who as the former governor of neighboring Massachusetts is ahead in polls to win the Granite State’s January 8 primary, Mr. McCain announced his economic proposals at the offices of the Andover Corporation, a manufacturer of optical devices that employs 47 people here.Many political analysts had written Mr. McCain, who was once the front-runner for the Republican nomination, off for dead when he fired his campaign manager and lost much of his staff back in July.

At that time, his supporters in New Hampshire, such as John Lyons, told me Mr. McCain would win the primary through “continued personal campaigning here.”By doing exactly that, the Arizonan has fought his way back to relevance, overtaking Mayor Giuliani and trailing Mr. Romney by an average of 13.5 percentage points according to Real Clear Politics. “John McCain has more traction and is looking to make a run at Romney,” a professor at the University of New Hampshire, Dante Scala, said.

Also, note the photo of McCain above by Jim Cole. That’s McCain doing something relatively rare for a presidential candidate but routine for him: he’s having an availability. Much of the media was converging on Missouri today because a rare event was taking place: Rudy Giuliani was planning to hold a press conference. Read more. 

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