Meghan McCain, Blogger

Meghan McCain>John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, has been accompanying Senator McCain on the campaign trail in the absence of her mother, Cindy, whom she looks strikingly like. (That’s a good thing.) McCain explained yesterday that she was a recent graduate of Columbia University.Meghan McCain has been traveling around with two of her pals from New York City — photographer Heather Brand and videographer Shannon — and posting to her blog, is what she wrote in anticipation of today’s event in Boston: “Tomorrow should be an amazing day, with a major event in Boston featuring Dad, Dr. Kissinger, and Jim Woolsey, the former director of the CIA.”

Who's Head?

See if you can locate’s head in the photo above at her website. I’m reminded of Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, who made a name for herself in 2000, by doing a documentary on George W. Bush’s campaign.

4 Responses to “Meghan McCain, Blogger”

  1. P M Says:

    she’s simply adorable… quite beautiful with an awesome smile

  2. gary Says:

    megan mccain please marry me……you are gorgeous!!! and your dad should be president!!! thank you john for all your service to America!!!

  3. More Meghan McCain « Dispatches from Seth Gitell Says:

    […] Meghan McCain Last December I wrote about discovering Meghan McCain, blogger, on the campaign trail. Now the rest of the world is catching up on the […]

  4. Stephen Says:

    Looking at this site is great fun. Seeing these candid photos of you and the family and the gang is a real treat. What a great and welcome idea this is. Keep ’em coming.

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