George Romney and MLK

Hats off to David Bernstein for his scoop that George Romney, contrary to the assertion of his presidential candidate son, never marched with Martin Luther King. It’s not often that The Boston Globe credits The Phoenix with a story, but it’s exactly what Michael Levenson does in his story today: “Romney’s account of his father marching with King was first challenged this week by the Boston Phoenix and then yesterday by the Detroit Free Press, each of which reported they could find no news accounts or other evidence that George Romney and King marched together.”

BTW, Peter Kadzis made a rare foray into writing instead of editing or appearing on t.v. His take on Dapper O’Neil reflects his deep knowledge of Boston politics. I like this line which put the city councillor into national and historical context, “O’Neil was one of a gang of politicians who played the roles of brevet-rank George Wallaces.”

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