NH’s Changing Demographics Could Affect the Primary

New Hampshire really has changed in many ways. Demographers like Peter Francese note that of its 1.3 million people almost 500,000 have arrived in the last two decades. And, according to a recent study by the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Institute, 207,000 people moved in and 188,000 left between 2001 and 2005, a period that coincides with the post-9/11 awakening of the progressive wing of the Democratic party. The Institute estimates that 23.5 percent of the people voting on January 8 will be first-time New Hampshire voters. Read more of my piece here in The Weekly Standard.


2 Responses to “NH’s Changing Demographics Could Affect the Primary”

  1. flyguy Says:

    Hanover NH and its environs, represented by the Valley News, is an academic center overlooked by your article. The real strength of the Democrat takeover comes from the invasion of southern NH by tax-burdened Massachusetters beginning in ’77 and exponentially from there. John Stark, save us!

  2. flyguy Says:

    Thought of this article recently when I noticed that Massachusetts has a referendum moving slowly but surely to the ballot to repeal the state income tax. Peraps so many have invaded NH, no one is left to guard the chickens.

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