Giuliani In New Hampshire — December 23

Giuliani In the Galley Hatch

I saw Mayor Giuliani at two events today in New Hampshire — Hampton and Hamstead. At both events, Giuliani appeared far more energetic and lively than his prior visit, which directly preceded his hospitalization.

At the Galley Hatch in Hampton, he broke up the crowd with a quip about John McCain. Asked about McCain who is surging in the Granite State, Giuliani said “John would be a really good adviser.” He contrasted his experience, running New York City, with McCain’s, being a legislator. “People look to people who have run large things.”

He drew large gatherings that seemed big in both places — at least a couple hundred people — but I did have the sense that these were crowds that were jammed into small settings, a common political tactic to make a crowd appear larger than it is.

Incidentally, Jeff Grappone, a spokesman for Giuliani in New Hampshire, said his mother was planning to celebrate her 62nd birthday today — at the Galley Hatch.


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