One Campaign In New Hampshire

Michael Castaldo

Michael Castaldo has an interesting perspective on the New Hampshire Primary. The sight of a black t-shirt draped over the burly figure of Castaldo is a common one in the primary. He’s a volunteer with the One Campaign. I began seeing him at a Hillary Clinton event in Rochester, NH over the Summer, and he has become a ubiquitous presence since then.

I caught up with him prior to today’s Rudolph Giuliani event in Hampton. Castaldo, a former Marine who lived in San Francisco, said he has attended more than 200 campaign events in New Hampshire. He has received a good reception from the candidates even prompting John McCain to wear a One Campaign white bracelet. The group’s approach is non-partisan and seems to be catching on.

“There are one billion people living on less than $1 a day,” he says. If you’re at a campaign appearance in the next couple of weeks, you’re likely to see him.

2 Responses to “One Campaign In New Hampshire”

  1. Michael Castaldo Says:

    thanks for the shout out – i owe you some eggs!

  2. John gallagher Says:

    hi – i am a producer for c-span – how do I get in touch with michael castaldo?


    John gallagher

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