Kerry Endorses Obama

Kerry Operative Fisk Is With Obama

Now comes the news that John Kerry is endorsing Barack Obama’s presidency.I’m not surprised by the news. Kerry’s had a cool relationship with Hillary Clinton.

I interviewed him the night she was elected to the Senate at the Copley Plaza. I asked Kerry, a prominent member of the Senate Foreign Committee, if he thought Clinton, given her background, could hold a prominent position on the committee despite seniority. “Seniority is always a consideration,” Kerry said cooly.

Several local Kerry staffers joined up with Obama early, including Roger Fisk.Still, there’s something very strange about this endorsement, the timing. Kerry’s endorsement is helpful to Obama, to an extent. But wouldn’t it have meant more if it came prior to the New Hampshire primary.

If he had endorsed Obama earlier, he could have lent the Illinois senator his formidable field organization, an effort that helped him win the 2004 primary and defeat Howard Dean. In an election where Get Out the Vote efforts mattered, Kerry’s help could have made a difference in Manchester, out of which Obama could have cut into Clinton’s support.Or maybe it’s possible that Kerry is trying to have it both ways, endorse Obama, but do no real damage to the Clintons in case Hillary Clinton is elected.

edit 4:02 p.m. When I first posted this item, I didn’t even consider opining on a “snub of Edwards” as it’s playing out in the press. There is no, I mean no, love lost between those two men, despite Edwards having served as Kerry’s running mate. In my view, the slight came from Edwards. Edward’s decision to get into the presidential race before Kerry made his decision not to run lacked class. However the campaign turned out, Kerry still gave the relatively junior senator from North Carolina a chance to take the national spotlight. Edwards’ choice to never stop running made him an ingrate.


One Response to “Kerry Endorses Obama”

  1. Hoss Says:

    I posted this over on Blue Mass Group too, but my sense is that the timing was actually good. Had he endorsed before NH and Barack still lost, he’d be a loser. And I don’t think Kerry has either the organization or the goodwill to have swayed much up there (this is not based on my knowledge, however, but rather is based on my assumptions and perception).

    Now, if BO wins, he owes Kerry.

    Plus, this also helps Kerry get Deval’s peeps fired up for a trial run on 2/5 for BO and JK and also helps JK be able to convince Deval to have the State party work for him.

    Downside? Not much, I think, unless Kerry says something dumb soon. (At least he didn’t yesterday!) It appears there are others making the dumb statements in the race — see, e.g., Andrew Cuomo, Jesse Jackson Jr., etc….

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