Obama and Deval

Governor PatrickYou can’t live in Massachusetts and not be aware of the similarities between the candidacies of Barack Obama and Deval Patrick, who will campaign in South Carolina for Obama this weekend. To me, Patrick’s first year in office foreshadows the good and the bad of what an Obama presidency would like like: It would likely be filled with stirring speeches but missteps, bold initiatives but embarrassing mistakes, and a certain amount of naivete. Most of all, the beauty of the dream of hope, would be replaced by the grinding, sometimes banal reality of dealing with Congress and running administrative agencies and departments.”  Read more here.

BTW, for Chris Matthews and anybody else who suggests the reason Hillary Clinton beat Obama in New Hampshire was Boston-inspired racism, Patrick, who won office by more than twenty points, reinforces the notion that those days are over.

Also, Charlie Pierce’s Globe piece is a good reminder that candidates who run on change have to play an inside game eventually.


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