Romney in Michigan

Now that Mitt Romney has won Michigan, it’s worth noting what I said after a reporting trip to the state 15 months ago. “Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusetts, grew up in Michigan and is the son of a former governor and auto executive, George Romney. The bulk of Mr. Romney’s experience prior to serving as governor was as a venture capitalist with Bain Capital, where he gained a reputation as a turnaround artist. His name for president is on the lips of Democrats and Republicans at the Cider Mill. ‘He’s impressed me,’ says Mr. Halley, who supported George Romney in the 1960s. The Strategic Vision poll puts Senator McCain (39%), Mayor Giuliani (25%), and Governor Romney (15%) atop the Republican field and Mrs. Clinton (30%) and Vice President Gore (22%) atop the Democratic one. Whatever the polls say now, an opening exists for the candidate who can address the economic disquiet in the industrial Midwest.”

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One Response to “Romney in Michigan”

  1. sloan Says:

    I’m from Michigan, and it’s pretty hard to overstate the psychological impact of the decline of the auto industry. Of my friends from high school who’ve finished college, only three still live in Michigan (and one is in state politics and was driving Romney’s youngest son around for a couple of days before the election.)

    Despite his weak campaign there, I thought Huckabee would do better, between the evangelicals and his slight economic populism (though I don’t know how well that message is getting out.)

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