Potential Primary Disaster: The Next Hanging Chad

The longer we go without clarity in the party nomination system — and without real frontrunners — the greater the chance for a primary 2008 disaster.
I write: “Finally, there are the special individuals who could be the 2008 equivalent of 2000’s hanging chads, the so-called super-delegates. The Democratic National Convention in Denver will welcome 842 un-pledged super-delegates, the party’s members of Congress, state governors, and senior party leaders. This means even if either Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton has a close majority lead going into the convention, the nomination could still go to the other candidate.

Such a happening would require winning the support of the super-delegates, who make up almost 20% of the convention delegates. One can envision a scenario where a particular super-delegate, a powerful member of Congress, or a state governor, organizes a block of other super-delegates in support of a particular candidate and delivers them to the candidate of their choice. After three decades or reform and transparency, a convention could, in effect, be turned by a powerful boss — a reality sure to warm the hearts of American voters.” Read more here.


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