Obama at the Boston Seaport

Thousands of Barack Obama supporters have convened at Boston’s World Trade Center. The crowd is buzzing with energy. So far Senator Kerry (sort of) and Governor Patrick (definitely) have delivered rousing speeches. Patrick alluded to — but did not mention — the Clintons.

“Do you remember South Carolina?” Mr. Patrick asked a crowd estimated at 10,000 in Boston late last night.“It got as nasty and mean as a campaign could be, but the voters of South Carolina rejected negativity and so will we,” he said in the moments before Mr. Obama held his final event prior to Super Tuesday.

“A whole lot of us have had enough with the clever side of politics.”He also specifically likened his election as governor to Obama.”Eighteen months ago I asked for your hopes, your prayer and your help in my own run for governorand you responded and made history,” Patrick said. “I am asking now for your prayers, your help and your vote in putting Barack Obama in the White House.” He also called Obama “a once a generation leader.”

I’d note, not surprisingly, that Kerry has spoken longer than Patrick with less effect.

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