CNN’s John King Gives Credit to Menino

CNN’s John King just gave credit for Hillary Clinton’s victory in Massachusetts to Mayor Menino. Standing in front of a map of Massachusetts, King said Hillary Clinton didn’t have the endorsement of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry or Deval Patrick. He said she had the support of one very important person, Mayor Menino. He then circled downtown Boston, where City Hall is, to emphasize his point.

I’m sure, King said, that Menino can expect a congratulatory call soon. He deserves one.

One Response to “CNN’s John King Gives Credit to Menino”

  1. Billy Jack Says:


    Looks like Clinton will be calling Jim McGovern for the congratulatory call. She crushed Obama in Worcester, but in Boston a different story…

    Obama won Boston by 10,000 votes.

    So much for the machine.

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