Hillary Clinton Returns to Boston

Fresh off of her big win in Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton is planning to return to Boston on February 22 for a major fundraiser. Billed as an “Evening with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton,” the event will have both a high end and small donor component. Tickets for a “Conversation with Hillary” at 6 p.m. cost $500, $1,000, or $2,300. Tickets for a bigger event for the New York Senator cost $100 and $250.

Ordinarily a candidate wouldn’t return to a state he or she just won, but Clinton needs money, and Massachusetts, a traditional fund-raising base for the Clintons, is a place where she can raise the funds to preserve her campaign until March 4.

Interestingly, Clinton has made progress in the effort to raise money over the internet. Typically, internet-donors give in amounts lower than the $2,300 federal cap, which means she can turn to them over time as campaign circumstances merit. More significant than the $10 million the Clinton campaign was able to raise in just four days following Super Tuesday, were the new names of 100,000 campaign donors, most of them small dollar contributors.

Throughout the campaign, Mr. Obama has had a tremendous advantage in online fundraising. He has access to the donor lists of Moveon.org and Senator Kerry, both of which are viewed as the gold standard in the fundraising world. In the first two days after Super Tuesday his campaign took in more than $7 million. The Clinton campaign believes it has turned the tide. “This is a major development in this race,” said the Clinton campaign’s Internet director, Peter Daou. “These 100,000-plus new donors who have contributed to the campaign in the past week will help sustain us as the race moves forward.”Read more here.

EDIT. This fundraising event has been moved to February 24.


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