Chaos in Serbia

Chaos in Serbia

I just saw footage on MSNBC of hooligans tearing the American flag off of the U.S. embassy in Belgrade and trashing the chancery, and I have two points, one emotional, one analytical.

1) I don’t care who it is or what the grievance is, don’t trash a U.S. embassy or deface an American flag. Viscerally, this is an action that absolutely disgusts me.

2) The 2008 presidential field features two candidates who were very hawkish during the 1999 Kosovo War — John McCain and Hillary Clinton. McCain came out strongly in favor of the effort to protect Kosovo’s Muslim’s from facing the fate of their Bosnian cohorts. I remember attending a function for a Jewish group that took place weeks after the war had erupted. Hillary Clinton spoke and forcefully made a moral case for keeping the military pressure on Serbia until Slobodan Milosevic gave in to NATO demands. Here’s Barack Obama’s measured statement on the recent declaration of independence.

Interestingly, the one Republican candidate who took a very hands off approach to American military action in Serbia was George W. Bush who gave me the following statement nine years ago: “Whenever the United States of America and our NATO allies threaten to sue force to try to end a tragedy like the one in Kosovo, we must follow through. American credibility is the most important weapon in preventing future tragedies.” He also warned,
“We must have a clear mission, an achievable goal and a credible exit strategy. The ultimate question is, Will this military action
lead to the goal of ending the conflict and bringing peace and stability to the action?”

Can anyone imagine Bush being the first one to use the words “exit strategy” and the use of American force?

2 Responses to “Chaos in Serbia”

  1. underdog Says:

    well well well…..

    you are a bit upset are you.


    The head of the Russian Military yesterday harkened all the way back to the Yalta agreement. Perhaps you do not exactly understand the situation here.

    Kosovo is a province of the Republic of Serbia. It is dominated by Ethnic Albanians. They have no mechanisms of state, no independent economic capabilities, they have no historic or political claim to the territory, and while yes they were brutally repressed by Milosavic – they have enjoyed relative autonomy under NATO and UN protection for almost a decade.

    Let me ‘splain’ it to you mr. gung ho.

    Serbia is NOT going to let Kosovo go. Russia is going to back Serbia on that. Ergo – Kosovo will not be independent.

    Once again the great DECIDER has made a complete and stupid STRATEGIC blunder with some “permature congratulation” of the Kosavars.

    Now I imagine if you were the marine guard at the embassy you would have emptied about 3 mags into the crowd for that little flag episode.

    Funny. I imagine you are all worried and upset about the evil-islamofacist-empire of doom toppling all of western civilization and that we need to fight 100 years in Iraq to preserve liberty and freedom. Yet you get all jacked up about something that is non of our F’ing business in Kosovo and would like to risk WW III.


    Remember the Russians are not trying to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missle technology.

    They already have it.!~!!!!


    So let me ‘splain’ it to you some more.

    Serbia will in fact in the days ahead deploy forces in their territory “Kosovo”. NATO will have a choice. Likely we will stand their with our thumbs up our ass wondering what to do. Meanwhile, Russia will likely send “advisors” and some small contingent force to show solidarity with their slav brothers.

    Any guess where this is going?

    Thats right… now your thinking….. If we are going to FIGHT FOR KOSOVO…. welcome to WW III.

  2. underdog Says:

    sorry about my rant

    i may have misunderstood you.

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