Gitell On NECN: March 4 Is Make or Break For Both Candidates

I appeared on a news report with Christine Caswell of NECN. My take is that the primary contests are make or break for both candidates. The importance for Hillary Clinton is self-evident. Barack Obama, too, has a lot riding on Tuesday.

My theory is that the time period between Tuesday’s contests and the next significant primaries, April 22, is long enough for some negative sentiment to take hold on Obama. He needs to wrap up the nomination and prepare for a general election fight against John McCain: Having an increasingly desperate opponent continuing to take shots against him won’t help going into November.

A couple of other notes: for the curious, the setting of the NECN interview is Adams Park in Roslindale Square (with proximity to a number of outstanding eateries and food stores.)

Also, I spent some time on Federal Hill in Providence last night. In addition to a tremendous meal at Casserta’s pizzeria and a pastry at pastiche, I took in the political color. I spoke with three volunteers for Hillary Clinton, two of whom were from out-of-state at Casserta’s, and another three for Obama at Pastiche, also non-Rhode Island voters. The Obama volunteers raved about the way they were treated, including eating a delicious donated lunch, and the Clinton people complained about the media. The rage against the press has become a motivational factor for Clinton’s true believers.

After listening to Obama volunteers for months, I’ve come to a conclusion about one aspect of his style that really does distinguish him from Deval Patrick. Unlike Patrick, who built a grassroots political organization from the ground up, because he had to, Obama’s focus on the grassroots emanates from his sincere belief and experience as a former community organizer. Everybody is always so taken with Obama’s speaking skills, we forget about his real background, organizing. Political outfits reflect their candidates, and the strength of his organization as well as its ability to raise money come from the most solid thing this candidate has on his resume, his skill organizing neighborhoods and people street-by-street and block-by-block.

One Response to “Gitell On NECN: March 4 Is Make or Break For Both Candidates”

  1. bryna in ro-dilan Says:

    i can attest to that community organization you’re speaking of. as a resident of providence, i’ve noticed many obama volunteers out and about in the neighborhood. they’ve rang my doorbell, left those doorknob things on our doors, and i just generally see them in the coffee shops and, like you said, restaurants, etc. he has had a much more visible presence in this neck of the woods than hillary has, at least from my observation.

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