Remarkable Story of Albert Sherman

Readers of are already familiar with the larger-than-life personality and story of Albert Sherman. Now comes the most amazing part of all. Today’s Globe has the full story of Sherman’s incredible and successful kidney transplant.

Notice the information about the kidney donor, Daniel Hughes, a father of two from Pittsburgh, who opted to go ahead with surgery after a first attempt at transplantation failed, leaving him near death. “I wanted to donate to someone who would be a good candidate to live a full life,” Hughes told the Globe. “It wasn’t based on religion. It was based on someone in need.”

If I hadn’t followed this story every step of the way, I wouldn’t believe it. I think someday this will end up as a movie on Lifetime or a segment on Oprah. If it does, I hope there is more focus on a person who deserves a lot of credit for the successful transplant, Albert’s indefatigable and resourceful wife, Linda Sherman, who procured a transplant for a man in his late ’60s from a stranger, which is all but unheard of.

2 Responses to “Remarkable Story of Albert Sherman”

  1. Dana Says:

    A love that strong is an inspiration. Linda Sherman is my hero!

  2. Daniel Says:

    I am the person who donated the kidney. And I agree, Linda Sherman and my wife Charlotte Hughes deserve tons of credit, as without both of them this could not have happened. Thanks.

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