Post March 4: What Does Hillary Do?

Without results yet in Ohio and Texas, I’m going to go out on a limb with the following prediction: Hillary Clinton stays in no matter what. My thinking is that whatever the current math is and whatever Jonathan Alter says, she will stay in. Anything can happen, she will argue, in the six weeks between today and the Pennsylvania primary. CNN Exit Poll data suggests that voters who made up their minds during the last three days decided for Clinton — the first time period during which Barack Obama has received pounding from the press. More reason for her to keep fighting and hope something good happens.


One Response to “Post March 4: What Does Hillary Do?”

  1. Frank Conte Says:

    I’m stunned at the abysmal state of opinion journalism surrounding this campaign. How can any journalist in his or her right mind speculate that Senator Clinton would have to leave the race. As far as I’m concerned, none of that speculation had any merit. The run-up to yesterday’s Super Tuesday II once again showed the resiliency of the Clinton campaign or as my cyncial self says; Never underestimate the power of the dark side. Two points: 1) Negative campaigning still works from the inneundo of Garb’gate to the 3 a.m. Moyeresque ads. 2) The lazy press is finally waking up to the question: Who is Obama and what of his milieu of Chicago politics (see Rezko.). Yes we know Hillary’s not likeable. But she’s tough. This may prove to be the Great Escape of Campaign 2008 akin to Eli Manning’s dramatic scramble in the last seconds of the Super Bowl. I think Seth is on target yesterday was a make-or break day for Obama. That’s how history should tag it.

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