Obama In a Cultural Context II: What the New Yorker Says

Date Movie

Last month, I posted an item about Obama’s place in the broader cultural world. I wrote “He probably saw Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever at the Harvard Theater on Church Street.” I also noted that Obama is one year older than Wesley Snipes and four years younger than Lee.

According to a recent profile of Michelle Obama in The New Yorker, I came pretty close. Do the Right Thing played a big role in his life. Here’s the passage: “Before the end of the summer, he’d got her to agree to go out for a movie—Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’—and an ice-cream cone at Baskin-Robbins. Vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard in 2004, Barack met Spike Lee at a reception. As Michelle has recalled, he told Lee, ‘I owe you a lot,’ because, during the movie, Michelle had allowed him to touch her knee.”

One Response to “Obama In a Cultural Context II: What the New Yorker Says”

  1. onegreatamericancountry Says:

    Funny stuff, thanks for the observations.
    Obama is a great candidate. I believe that hope is not enough but it is a great start. Obama is the only candidate that embodies the best of America, and Americas best candidate.
    Thanks again for your observations…
    Check out my Youtube channel if you have the time.

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