Bailey Leaves the Globe

My initial reaction to the news that Steve Bailey is leaving the Boston Globe is profound sadness. Bailey leaves the Boston Globe and takes his juice with him. As recently as last Friday, when Bailey broke news of Mayor Menino’s speech to the Boston Municipal Research Bureau, he demonstrated his ability to be Morrissey Boulevard’s number one repository of scoops, inside information and insight.

I can’t fault Bailey and his charmnig French wife for wanting to move to Europe and taking a fascinating opportunity with Bloomberg. But I sympathize with Globe readers as well as those press secretaries, communications directors and overall big shots for whom Bailey was the first call.

Another note on Bailey: when I told my mother, a lifelong reader of the Globe of Bailey’s departure, she said “he was the last of the best.”

Along with the changes comes a promotion for Ellen Clegg, who will essentially fill Helen Donovan’s old slot from what I can tell.Clegg is one of the very tiny group — smaller than a handful — of individuals who ever gave me a shot in journalism: She let me get Boston Globe clips as the stringer from Harvard. I wish her the best of luck in her new role.

UPDATE: I’m now told that Clegg takes Michael Larkin’s position, and Caleb Solomon will fill the Helen Donovan slot.

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