Tabloids Feast on Ashley “Kristen” Dupre

A Tabloid Frenzy

Just as I predicted on NECN this week, New York’s tabloids are in a tizzy over the prostitute who sold her “services” to Eliot Spitzer. The New York post today obtained racy, yet somewhat artistic, photos of the would-be singer.

Now that Dupre’s song, “What We Want” is heading up the charts, the next step — after the legal process is done with her — is for Dupre to become a reality show star.

BTW, after listening to her catchy but dated music, I’ve got to observe that it is fitting that she comes from the Jersey Shore. Her style reminds me much of the “freestyle” club music of the late 1980s and early 1990s. There must be something in the air in the Tri-State area. Here musical antecedents include Debbie Deb, The Cover Girls and, not to be forgotten, Sweet Sensation. The appearance of Dupre’s musical partners, including the gum-chewing! Freddy “Logan” Sagastume, on Dan Abrams last night, only reinforced my impressions of the musicial world in which Dupre is immersed.

One Response to “Tabloids Feast on Ashley “Kristen” Dupre”

  1. GeeMan Says:

    I like her and hope she gets thru all this ok and achieves her dreams.

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