Barack Obama’s Race Speech

So far, I’m amazed about the level of honesty in Barack Obama’s speech on race. He, dangerously, I believe, gave his true feelings about Jeremiah Wright, attempting to explain why he stuck with him despite his incendiary comments and positions. It is a raw speech, delivered with anger and some trepidation. He was helped by his work as a writer, citing passages from his first book, Dreams from My Father. He completely rolled the dice with this speech — not given, I’d point out, with his usual pseudo-Martin Luther King cadence.

Obama also alluded to the phrase “audacity of hope,” which he took from one of Wright’s sermons.

Here’s a link to a transcript of the speech, thanks to Drudge.

One Response to “Barack Obama’s Race Speech”

  1. John Rich Says:

    The speech was brilliant, as such things go. Pretty, in fact.

    It was also Nixonian; it equated wildly disparate events (grannie and her racism decades ago; Wright and his hate speech now). It was a rehash of Nixon’s “everyone does it.”

    However, the speech did not accomplish what it should have: give an adequate explanation of how a bright man such as Obama could sit still through twenty years of Jeremiah Wright’s blame America-blame whitey rhetoric.

    Obama should have stated, without equivocation, that he should have left Trinity UCC a long time ago. And that he did not was a lapse in judgment.

    He did not so state. My assessment is that it was a great speech on race relations, generally. But a poor explanation for his own behavior.

    It will hurt him with independents and those Democrats not already firmly ensconced in his camp.

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