State Department and Obama’s Passport Information

Another Bad Day for Condi Rice

No sooner did Barack Obama’s campaign enter a downward spiral over Jeremiah Wright’s incendiary sermons than the State Department steps in to save him. The current news is that the State Department fired two contractors and reprimanded another worker for three violations of Obama’s passport information.

Without question this is an outrageous breach of law and protocol. In addition to any information about Obama’s trips and personal history, the goons may have found, I’d also be concerned that they obtained his social security number, from which they could obtain the candidate’s credit history.

With that said, the State Department, far more than Obama’s speech this week, will permit Obama’s campaign to turn the page on the worst fourteen days in his campaign. The news of the breach and the possible legal and congressional inquiries to follow will keep the story going day after day. Nothing can be better for a candidate who has waned somewhat in popularity.

It will also be delicious to watch the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, attempt to dance away from this story later this week. If it’s as bad as it looks — senior managers being unaware of the breaches for several weeks — don’t expect to see her on a ticket with John McCain.

One Response to “State Department and Obama’s Passport Information”

  1. John Rich Says:

    Two points. First, this story should be a non-entity and have no legs. The fact that the McCain’s files were also improperly accessed should see to that. It wasn’t political in other words. It was State Department incompetence (shocked, shocked, I say…). In short, a story that will bore most Americans since there is no smoking gun.

    As for Rice being on any ticket, one must hope that does not come to pass. She is a talented analyst, but already far above where she should be. Here tenure at NSC was less than brilliant. And, clearly, she is a follower, not a leader.

    Which should be the first and most important test for a veep: can he or she credibly step up to be commander-in-chief.

    Now, if we were talking about my fellow Bronxite, Colin Powell…

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