Remembering the Cambodian Genocide: Dith Pran

The Killing Fields

The former New England director of the Anti-Defamation League, Andrew Tarsy, has surfaced with a new job. He’ll join Facing History and Ourselves, a Brookline-based group with an international mission of tolerance. Facing History runs some marvelous programs in the Boston public schools on Genocide and the Holocaust.

Tarsy also offers a meaningful and beautifully written essay on the death of Dith Pran, a survivor of the Cambodian genocide at Pran was the main character, along with journalist Sidney Shanberg, in the film The Killing Fields.

Tarsy writes: “With Pran’s death, the world has lost a witness to the worst that human beings can do. But he was not just a witness. Dith Pran’s life was a beautiful monument to human possibility that made an enormous difference and because of the movie, inspired millions. He chose to make his own survival into a tool of protest against injustice. Pran’s story of perseverance and defiance in the face of unspeakable tragedy was no less a monument and no less an inspiration than the giant temple of Angkor Wat.”

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One Response to “Remembering the Cambodian Genocide: Dith Pran”

  1. Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor) Says:

    horrible… what people are capable of doing to other people….

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