More Meghan McCain

Last December I wrote about discovering Meghan McCain, blogger, on the campaign trail. Now the rest of the world is catching up on the story.

The current issue of GQ has a story about her as well as some photos. “MEGHAN HAS BEEN given a prominent place in her father’s presidential campaign, most notably with her blog, Loosely inspired, she says—loosely!—by Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72, McCain Blogette is a sometimes irreverent, sometimes overly rah-rah account of life on the Straight Talk Express (‘Lindsey Graham is hilarious!’), with tons of photographs and even iPod playlists (favorites have included Wolfmother and Hot Hot Heat). Charming and self-deprecating, McCain Blogette often makes Meghan’s 71-year-old father seem less old, which is surely one of the reasons it exists, even if Meghan occasionally does something like refer to Barack Obama as ‘sexy,’ which she did right before the New Hampshire primary.”

She also confesses a liking for burlesque artist Dita Von Teese. I wonder how that will play on the far right.

GQ's Meghan McCain Photo


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