Mark Penn Thrown Overboard

Here’s what I write in my New York Sun column:

“With two weeks to go until the Pennsylvania primary, the leadership of the Clinton campaign can be thought of as a hungry, thirsty, and cold survivor on a lifeboat way out at sea. More than two months ago, it jettisoned a former campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle. On Sunday it tossed the campaign’s chief strategist, Mark Penn, overboard.

Just as throwing an infirm passenger off of a vessel preserves dwindling food and water for those remaining, Mr. Penn’s resignation on Sunday will help keep the candidacy of Senator Clinton alive.”

Another point worth making is the huge amounts of money raked in by Penn and other master political consultants, such as Bob Shrum. Their candidates go down in defeat, but not the strategists. They walk away with millions of dollars. This is the real outrage of the political system.

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One Response to “Mark Penn Thrown Overboard”

  1. loomisnews Says:

    The fat man ain’t sung yet.

    Who are you going to believe — me or your lying eyes?
    – Groucho Marx, channeling the Billary

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