Philadelphia Debate: Whose Radical Links?

Flower Child

Last night was another debate that failed to live up to expectations. Barack Obama failed to give an adequate answer on his relationship with William Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground. While the acts of terrorism Ayers was implicated in may have taken place when Obama was a tyke, this does not excuse him for enlisting his support.

Obama, however, did show fierce competitiveness when he pointed out that Bill Clinton had himself pardoned a former member of the Weather Underground. Had Obama wanted, he could have continued to raise the entire issue of Bill Clinton’s actions in 1999 and 2000, including commuting the sentences of several former members of the FALN, a Puerto Rican radical group, which like the Weather Underground was responsible for bombings in Clinton’s adopted hometown, New York City as well as the pardoning of the unsavory financier, Marc Rich, who has been linked to unsavory regimes in Iran and Iraq

Since Clinton herself opened the door to this line of inquiry, Obama could have also asked her to respond to this painstakingly-detailed report by Josh Gerstein in The New York Sun about her legal work on behalf of radicals, such as the Black Panthers and other as a law student. Clinton certainly didn’t position herself last night as the flower child she was back in the 1960s.

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One Response to “Philadelphia Debate: Whose Radical Links?”

  1. Chicago Says:

    Obama was hangin’ with Ayers while Ayers was bragging about blowing up the Pentagon on the very day, THE VERY DAY that the World Trade Center came down and the Pentagon was hit by a plane.. OK, so when Ayers did it, it was just a bathroom, but still, Ayers is PROUD of it. Clinton’s pardons on the other hand must be seen in the bigger context of pardoning a number of people who served time for crimes (Ayers has not) for which they were convicted in the 1970s, including Patti Hearst. I could forgive Bill Ayers for his domestic terrorism if her were repetent, but he isn’t. I could care less if Obama was his pal now if Ayers were not still glorying in his terrorism.

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