PA Primary: Continued Recriminations

Overheard in a Newton cafe was a conversation between two Barack Obama supporters. The server — you might call her a barista but it wasn’t Starbucks — is recounting her experiences canvassing on behalf of Obama in Pennsylvania to a pro-Obama customer.

The young woman is talking about knocking on doors in a diverse yet heavily Republican area. She’s expressing anger at the media for characterizing Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory as a ten point victory. It’s amusing to now hear Obama supporters complaining about the press — just as I heard Clinton people doing several months ago. I’m reminded of something Ari Fleischer once told me; the press is biased…in favor of conflict.

She’s saying she’s hooked by politics, “totally addicted.”

On the plane back from Pittsburgh, I flew with a couple who had been in Pennsylvania for several weeks canvassing for Obama. Classic moonbats.

Of greater interest is that I sat next to a Massachusetts Teamster who I had seen breaking down the stage at an Obama event. He told me that the Obama forces achieved their goal, which was to keep Clinton at ten points or below. By either of those measures, Obama succeeded.



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