In Case You Missed This On Drudge: Chris Matthews for Senate

One story I came across when I was down in Pennsylvania for the primary was the interest in Chris Matthews running for the Senate. It was not surprising that Matthews, a local hometown boy would move his show to Philadelphia in the days before the primary. But he appeared to use the program in a way that would be politically advantageous to him — if he did decide to run.

I write in The New York Sun: “Political figures that appeared on his national show were the mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, and an African-American congressman of Philadelphia, Chaka Fattah. In addition, Mr. Matthews interviewed on ‘Hardball’ the chairmen of the Democratic committees of Allegheny, Montgomery, and Lackawanna counties, James Burn Jr., Marcel Groen, and Harry McGrath, local figures vital to any statewide candidacy.”

I met up with Burn at Pamela’s P & G Diner in Millvale following Bill Clinton’s speech in that community just outside Pittsburgh. ” ‘It would be interesting … He’s got a great history. He knows how to do it,’ Burn told me. ‘I look forward to having a conversation with him about his candidacy.’ “


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One Response to “In Case You Missed This On Drudge: Chris Matthews for Senate”

  1. Johh Whorfin Says:

    Dude… do you not watch The Colbert Report?

    Matthews pretty much confirmed his intention to run for the Senate a couple weeks ago when he appeared as a guest on the show (during its visit to Pennsylvania for the primary).

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