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Today’s print edition of The Boston Globe includes’s commentary on Scott McClellan in its VoxOp column.

Jeffrey Goldberg picks-up my piece about Streisand and Israel’s 30th birthday celebration: “Seth Gitell takes us back to Israel’s 30th anniversary party, which featured Barbra Streisand, Golda Meir and the Fonz. I remember watching this primetime special, which was co-written by the patriarch of one of my favorite Hollywood families, Buz Kohan, father of Jenji “Weeds” Kohan and David Kohan, who gave us “Will and Grace,” which is not, I learned in Pakistan, a favored show of at least some Islamic fundamentalists, but that’s another story.”

Goldberg, who wrote about Israel‘s future also has a humorous take in the Dunkin’ Donuts Rachel Ray flap.

Here’s how Goldberg proposes the Dunkin’ ad should look to appeal to a different Middle Eastern demographic:
Jason Treat design


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