Gina Gershon Calls the Press ‘Disgusting’ Over Clinton Allegation


I caught Gina Gershon on “Live with Regis and Kelly” and have to say it was bizarre.

Gershon is currently in the news as a purported Bill Clinton paramour. I’ll confess I haven’t read the Vanity Fair piece yet. And, I’m agnostic, on the rumor. But with Bill Clinton, you never know.

The thing that was so strange here was Gershon’s willingness to talk about it and then rant and rave about today’s media and the blogosphere. She just unloaded. “You can’t believe anything you read any more,” she told Kelly and Mario Lopez, subbing for Regis. “It’s disgusting.” The crowd erupted into applause.

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One Response to “Gina Gershon Calls the Press ‘Disgusting’ Over Clinton Allegation”

  1. PS Says:

    Still smoking.

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