Flag Day

Adam’s Park in Roslindale was the scene of a rousing celebration of America and her flag. Hundreds of elementary school children gathered in Roslindale Village to mark the occasion of the flag’s birthday.

The students reflected Boston’s ethnic, racial and religious diversity. They were both immigrants and native born. They all cheered the American flag.

“Look at those flags hanging on every building downtown and remember what enabled that flag to be there,” Master Sgt. McMorrow told the children, each of them holding American flags. “Hold them up high.”

City Councillor Robert Consalvo also addressed the gathering. “Boys and girls, when you see a veteran, go up and say ‘thank you.’ ”

The students sang the National Anthem and marched out of the park to the themes of the armed services.

The above American flag is the work of famous Hull artist Seth Minkin, who has been featured on CBS’s Sunday Morning show. His work can be found here.

A contrast to what happened in Roslindale can be found in my story from last week about the commissioning of Harvard’s ROTC cadets.

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One Response to “Flag Day”

  1. Lou Murray Says:


    Nice coverage of this event. Thank you! The Roslindale Board of Trade has been organizing this event for a few years. In our own way for over 2000 students in 5 schools (public and parochial) we are helping to address the Patriotism Gap. BTW- Flag Day is the only national holiday invented and promoted by school teachers. Hat tip to Freedonia, Wisconsin!

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