No Boston Celtics Special Section in the Globe

I expected to find a special championship section in the Boston Globe today. The Globe did have one yesterday. But it has become customary in this era of championships for the paper to have a special section on the day of the Rolling Rally as well. Today’s coverage was divided between the A, City Region and Sports sections. On the website, the stories are unified.

Michael Levenson and Brian Ballou write a story about the win’s impact on city kids. They draw a contrast between the Celtics support in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury. “In Jamaica Plain, where baseball is king thanks to a large Dominican community, few wore green and white yesterday, but many said they had witnessed the Celtics’ historic run to the championship…In Roxbury, there were many more Celtics jerseys. Two men wearing Garnett’s and Pierce’s numbers rolled down Washington Street on mopeds. Store owners wore them as well. And sidewalk conversations were all about Tuesday night’s win.”

I don’t know whether the lack of a special section is a reflection on the advertising market, which it could be, or on the public’s interest in this victory. It will be interesting to watch the turn out for today’s event. I’m anticipating a very young crowd for reasons not limited to the end of the school year. I’m also interested in the sale of merchandise.

Even in the down years, the Celtics did a good job of keeping the die-hards involved. The questions are how many newer fans will this terrific team bring into the fold for the future and how many old fans have come back.

As I wrote on Tuesday when I spotted Wyc Grousbeck at Pace, the win of the downtown-based Celtics is great for civic pride. I congratulate them on an amazing turn around.

3 Responses to “No Boston Celtics Special Section in the Globe”

  1. Mitch Says:


    Congrats on the Celtics.

    I was reading your piece today and can’t help to think that the lack of interest
    in the NBA is still pretty high. I know so many people who just don’t give it
    the time they once did when Michael was the image of the NBA. Maybe the Globe didn’t provide as much overage because the NFL is still king.

  2. Bryna's other half Says:

    Why publish a special section in the middle of the week on a day’s notice? That’s just foooooooolish. Especially when the Globe can get more ads out of the deal by putting it in a Sunday edition. An edition, by the way, that costs 5 times more than the daily edition.

    I guess in more ways than one, it’s all about the green this week.

    But just realize that next week this will all be old news and we’ll return to business as usual as a baseball town.

  3. Essteess Says:

    Apropos of what Bryna’s Other Half posted, today’s Globe mentions there will in fact be a special section in this Sunday’s paper.
    Meanwhile, in the whole Shock-of-the-New-Era department, I realized this week that the last time the C’s won it all, there was no such thing as a commemorative video. Now it’s something I will definitely look forward to, since I am part of the minority of households that do not have cable — and therefore depended on print media, Celtic radio broadcasts and perhaps the odd YouTube or clips to follow the team until the play-offs began.
    In a similar vein (i.e. comparing eras), in the Bird era, I seem to recall it was somehow widely accepted that the Red Sox liked that the Celtics competed for the championship so often — because that meant they could sneak through April, May and most of June practically unnoticed, and uncriticized.

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