Richard Daley and Barack Obama

For a champion of the new politics, Barack Obama, who until 2004 was a state senator representing Chicago, has been very quiet on the political leadership of his own home town. I write on this in my New York Sun column.

“For the junior Illinois senator, change in Washington is a requirement. But that does not seem to be the case for Chicago, as it seems from Mr. Obama’s support for Chicago’s mayor who has been in power since 1989. Mr. Obama announced his support of the mayor’s reelection effort in January 2007 after Mr. Daley, endorsed him for president in 2006.

Mr. Daley has been a successful chief executive of one of America’s most challenging cities. He has overseen the construction of the magnificent Millennium Park and presided over a revitalization of many of the city’s neighborhoods. Yet much of his strength comes from what Mr. Obama now derides — experience. His years in office have given Mr. Daley a precise knowledge of where the levers of city government lie.”

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