Best Republican Ticket: John McCain and Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s tenacity coupled with the increasing focus on the economy lead me to believe he’s the best choice as John McCain’s potential running mate — even though McCain obviously loathes him. I write the following in my New York Sun column.

“The answer to many of Mr. McCain’s problems is looming in plain, uncomfortable sight: He needs a running mate who can immediately infuse the campaign with energy, a fluid surrogate who can hammer away at Mr. Obama, stay focused, not lose his cool, and, most of all, an economic expert, who can negate, if not reverse, the Democrat’s perceived advantage in the areas of jobs and growth. The man who possesses those qualities is the same person who got under Mr. McCain’s skin during the primary fight — Mitt Romney.

To suggest that Messrs. McCain and Romney present an unlikely team is obvious to any observer of Republican politics. Mr. McCain speaks his mind and is even caustic in public; the former Massachusetts governor is smooth to the point of being slick. Mr. McCain, in both actions and appearance, is gritty, gutsy, and courageous; Mr. Romney, with his telegenic hair and shirt and tie ensembles, evokes a 1950s anchorman-like android quality.

Mr. McCain spent much time abroad in the 1960s as a prisoner of war in a North Vietnamese prison camp; Mr. Romney attempted to proselytize on behalf of his Mormon faith in the French countryside during the same period. Mr. McCain is a self-described computer “illiterate” who relies on his wife to help him online; Mr. Romney’s preferred method of presentation is computerized power point. These disparate qualities, when fused together in the odd alchemy of ticket politics, add up to a notable combination.”

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3 Responses to “Best Republican Ticket: John McCain and Mitt Romney”

  1. orioncev Says:

    I have to agree Romney is the man for the job, and as you indicate, he is comfortable with technology. Without Romney on the ticket, I will have to vote libertarian. Let’s hope McCain shows some interest in the economy by getting Romney in the White House.

  2. michael castaldo Says:

    good points seth. i personaly am rooting for pawlenty but you make a lot of sense – plus mitt has more name recognintion nationaly with engaged voters due to the primary process. will he also mean michigan goes red? if it does that could be it. utah is over at that point… not that it was in play but knowing you HAVE it in the bank is a good thing. in this election every electoral vote in every state matters.

  3. Malloy Says:

    For McCain to tap Romney instead of Sarah Palin as his Veep woud be a gigantic blunder. Unf_ _ king believable!!! Team McCain CAN’T BE THAT STUPID!!!

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