Robert Novak Suspends Column

I was just finishing up Robert Novak’s most recent column about John McCain’s campaign, when the Fabulous Dana called me with news: Novak is suspending his column due to a brain tumor.

Just about one year ago, I did a story on Novak and his newly-released memoir.

” ‘I think journalists are smarter, better educated today, but they’re so interested in getting an angle, they miss a lot of stories,’ Mr. Novak told me. “I’m always stunned at how many stories just aren’t covered on the Hill. I don’t think they cover what’s happening on the floor of the House. They are all looking to be Woodward and Bernstein.” Mr. Novak cited a ‘big battle’ over earmarks on Capitol Hill that involved a Democratic effort to single out for termination only one earmark — offered by a Republican congressman, Rep. Patrick McHenry of California. This story, he suggested, reflected the cynicism of legislators. As far as the community of Web commentators goes, Mr. Novak said he wasn’t impressed. ‘The bloggers bloviate. They give their opinions. They don’t try to find things out.’

Here are some of Novak’s contemporaries on what made him special over the years:

“Mr. Novak’s longtime friend and ideological opposite, Jack Germond, praised Mr. Novak for his work ethic. ‘He works so hard. That’s what it is,’ Mr. Germond said, speaking from his home in West Virginia. “He’s willing to suspend himself.”

Martin Nolan, formerly of the Boston Globe, added: “It’s a magic, four-letter word, ‘w-o-r-k.’ ”

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