New Kids on the Block: Summertime

Wahlberg, Knight and Pirozzi

Well, Boston area-icons, the New Kids on the Block, are back. Their song Summertime is a relative hit. After each pursuing different paths, they finally waited for the right opportunity to come back together and make some money.

Now, the photo above. That’s a vintage-’80s era prom shot featuring Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight.

The woman in the center is not unknown to local or national politics. It’s Angelique Pirozzi, a self-described “former AquaNet hair spray junkie.”

Today a Boston-based political consultant specializing in grassroots organizing, Pirozzi served in the White House under President Clinton and managed John Kerry’s re-election campaign in 2002. She has also been a senior staffer in the last four presidential campaigns. Her clients include labor, non-profits, as well as political candidates on a local, state, and national level.


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One Response to “New Kids on the Block: Summertime”

  1. mashia6 Says:

    That doesn’t look like Jordan…

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