Convention Kosher

I was wondering around the lobby of my hotel when a familiar odor wafted over to my nose. Could it be? It almost smelled like the garlicky scent of half sour pickles.

Instantly I was brought back to my days as a cub reporter for the Forward, when I covered the organized Jewish community in New York. Back then events called for kosher food. But it wasn’t enough for it to be kosher, it had to be tasty.

The food was coming from the delegation party hosted by the Speaker of the New York Assembly, Sheldon Silver. Inside I found multiple carving stations serving delectable sweet and sour corned beef, a dish I have often tried to make at home. Even more than a deli corned beef sandwich, it’s almost impossible to find cooked sweet & sour corned beef anywhere in Boston. I piled the corned beef onto a plate along with pickles.

The steam trays offered even more — tender barbecue brisket, potato latkes, sweet & sour meatballs. All are  hard to find especially done well.

On my way out, I met the caterer David Fine, who has done a great job doing kosher food in Denver, far less nouveau than the Boston kosher food purveyors. Still, I wondered where the pickles came from. “New York,” he answered.

This was my best meal so far in Denver.


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