I [Heart] Bubba

My latest in the New York Sun.

” ‘I [heart] Bubba.’

That’s the slogan that greeted delegates handed a map prepared by the Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau. The slogan, however, was not a reference to the nickname of President Clinton, who will speak at the Democratic National Convention tomorrow night; it was an ad for the Denver location of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant chain.

But, contrary to the ad’s message, many Democratic delegates no longer love Mr. Clinton. “His comments were devastating,” a delegate, Hellen Sims of San Jose, Calif., said, referring to Mr. Clinton’s references to race during the primary campaign between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Many convention delegates, particularly African-Americans, still bristle at Mr. Clinton’s campaign trail faux pas, which included the use of the phrase “fairy tale” to describe Mr. Obama’s rise to prominence after delivering an anti-war speech in 2002, his reference to the candidate as a “kid,” and his comparison of Mr. Obama to Jesse Jackson.

Wearing a blue Barack Obama t-shirt, Ms. Sims said Mr. Clinton will have some work to do tomorrow night if he is to regain her allegiance. ‘I hope this convention gives him a chance to redeem himself.’

Asked what it would take, Ms. Sims said ‘some humility.’ “

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