Palin Problem

I’ve just gotten off a plane filled with many members of Boston’s political scene and am just now able to give my reaction to the Palin pick, which I learned about on a bus filled with delegates this morning.

To me, it’s a desperate and reckless pick. The Republicans seem to be ready to throw away their best argument, experience, for the novelty of somebody new. While I acknowledge that it’s a change election, I still believe somebody ready to president, such as Mitt Romney, would have been a better decision.

Other than the two nominees and a couple others, I’m wondering who the GOP can put forward next week to promote their candidate. As for the politically-toxic President Bush — whose remarks will come dangerously close to the Hurricane Katrina anniversary — I would have had him speak at around 7:15 ET, just after the Mayor of St. Paul, not on prime time.

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4 Responses to “Palin Problem”

  1. Russell Says:


    As you are fully aware I am not political savvy, however I certainly can’t understand how anyone would vote republican, leaving us a heartbeat away from Palin being the commander in chief. Palin only two years removed from being the mayor of a town smaller than the one that we both grew up in. Making decisions on the redevelopment of a 3 acre parcel next to the gas n sip is slightly different than making decisions that put American lives at stake. By the way I didn’t even realize that Alaska was part of the United States. I don’t think you can be any farther away from Washington DC than Alaska. When I think politics I think Alaska. I agree with your analysis. It was a desperate act by a desperate party.

  2. Jarhead7 Says:

    I agree with the writer of this article that John McCain’s choice of v.p. was reckless. The democrats have a fractured party but McCain’s opportunity to tap that advantage is now diminished with his careless missteps. Pawlenty, Romney and Huckabee have all been well spoken and outspoken friends of the McCain campaign. Yet he turned his back on what I felt were excellent choices to pick an “unknown” simply because she is a woman. As a Hillary delegate and a woman I can tell you, this will not work. Mrs Palin has her hands full with 5 children one of which is down syndrome. As a teacher of small children I think of working mothers as selfish people who should be caring for their children. I am saying if the woman as a man at her side, as Mrs Palin does. Anyway, wrong move John McCain because now you have practically handed this Country over to a racist anti-American and his evil wife. Thanks for nothing John McCain.

  3. PS Says:

    I don’t get it. Why did J-Mac just blow-up his own campaign? Can anybody provide me with a logical, well-reasoned and believable explanation for this pick?? For the first time in this campaign…I know think Obama can win. Wow. Wow.

  4. Palin: Didn’t Know Africa Was a Continent « Dispatches from Seth Gitell Says:

    […] point, however, blame has to be assigned at the ticket’s top. As soon as McCain picked Palin, I suggested it would be a disaster for the Republicans. To me, it’s a desperate and reckless pick. The Republicans seem to be ready to throw away their […]

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