Yes We Can — Food Frustration at Invesco

People power might be doing a great job energizing Barack Obama’s campaign, but it’s not doing so well at Invesco Field – at least as far as the concession stands are concerned.

It’s no surprise that the lines for food were long before Mr. Obama’s speech. But once hungry attendees got in line there often seemed to be no movement at all. Concessionaires at one stand ran out of chicken, hot dogs and other products before 7 p.m. mountain time. When one customer ordered nachos, for example, the server had to walk 20 feet back and forth within the stand for cheese.

It was a chaotic, frustrating scene. As the nerves of hungry patrons rose, the servers pleaded for patience. They were volunteers, they explained.

Cross posted at the New York Sun.


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One Response to “Yes We Can — Food Frustration at Invesco”

  1. Dave Carlson Says:

    I totally agree. It took me 15 minutes even after I arrived at the front of the line. One of the servers was really stressed out and forgot my order.

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