Giuliani’s Valedictory

Where Romney’s speech hurt him, Rudy Giuliani’s soared. His tone was on, and the former New York mayor, who is also an opera aficionado, was theatrical in his critique of Barack Obama. Where was this guy back in November and December when the nomination was there for the taking?

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One Response to “Giuliani’s Valedictory”

  1. Wendy Says:

    I had a total opposite reaction to Giuliani’s speech. I was so disgusted at his bullying tone and pompous attitude that I whipped out my laptop and made an immediate donation to the Obama campaign. My mouth was dropped open for most of his speech. Eventually I even had to turn it off. I was embarrassed to be American for a moment. At least Palin has a professional presence to her. Giuliani looked actually like a villain out of a comic book. Finally…looking at the delegates in the audience last night…..they resembled a bunch of aliens to me! GROSS!

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