Would Romney Have Helped More In New Hampshire?

Jeremy Jacobs of PolitickerMA has an interesting piece speculating on whether John McCain would have done better in the key swing state of New Hampshire with Mitt Romney as his running mate.

And, since McCain passed over former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney, some are questioning whether Palin will help McCain more in New Hampshire, a potential swing state, than Romney would have.

Several said that while Romney is the former executive of neighboring Massachusetts and came in second with 31 percent of the vote in this year’s primary, McCain’s fate in New Hampshire is in his own hands.

He also quotes me:

“Given the rigorous time demands on a presidential candidate’s time, McCain will need surrogates,” said Seth Gitell, a Boston political analyst and author of Gitell.com. “Romney will be an important one for McCain in New Hampshire.”

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One Response to “Would Romney Have Helped More In New Hampshire?”

  1. Warren Says:

    McCain will do better w/o rommney, the voters who are from down south will not vote for McCain, and the ones who are not from away will not be swayed by Mr. Romney, they will however like the more libertarian views of Mrs. Palin.

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