Tonight’s Debate

I’ll be looking at one issue, and one issue only, at tonight’s debate: whether John McCain can connect with undecided voters on the economy. I’ll be thinking of the 1992 town meeting when Bill Clinton clinched the presidency. While Clinton successfully channelled America’s economic angst during our last recession, President Bush appeared entirely disengaged, even glancing at his watch.

Barring an unexpected colossal gaffe on Barack Obama’s part, McCain wins tonight not by attacking Obama on Rev. Wright or William Ayers. Only by showing Americans he feels our pain and has a plan to salve it can he claim a victory.


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One Response to “Tonight’s Debate”

  1. Boston Patriot Says:

    NOONE has a plan to resolve this financial crisis. It will be solved by the laws of supply and demand, which are global in scope, and interact in incalculable ways. We are in this mess because elected officials arrogantly/ignorantly decided to marry “social justice” with foolhardy math. The last thing we need are more PLANNERS.

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